Wednesday, February 23, 2005

first I purchased a Homer and Marge prom set:

Froogle Search Results for Prom Set

then I purchased white, black and yellow acrylic paint and some small paint brushes from Michael’s. Then I painted each of them. Homer got a black tux with a white shirt and a small daisy flower and Marge got everything painted white.

After I finished painting (took me about a week b/c they require more than one coat of paint each)...I purchased some ivory satin fabric, 2 round pieces of styrofoam, a hot glue gun, and some daisy type accessories (veil, bouquet and the other little one’s on the base)....

I glued together the two pieces of styrofoam with my hot glue gun, then I covered it with the satin…I just glued it all to the bottom of the styrofoam pieces and then covered all the nasty edges with a round piece of satin fabric, which I then glued over everything else on the bottom.

Then I added the daisy accessories to the top of it, where Homer and Marge stand. I just placed them randomly on top. And I added a stripe of ribbon around the side of the styrofoam, with small little bows on each side, and some white rose buds above that.

Then I glued the bottom of their feet to the top of the satin, via a hot glue gun. I pushed down really hard so that the glue would sorta stick to the styrofoam too.

And viola…our custom homer and marge topper.