Sunday, May 15, 2005

I went with gable boxes, which I purchased on ebay from another bride who had some leftover.  The cheapest I found online (other than this one auction) were from  You could always resell your leftovers online, if you don’t need that many.

First thing I did was a test with the boxes, to make sure I would be able to fit a lot of stuff into them.  And indeed, I was able too.  They look small, but they are pretty roomy.

Since I planned on putting in some beverages, I needed to reinforce the bottom of the boxes with clear duck-tape.  I highly recommend doing the same, as the bottoms could give out when your guests take them to their rooms.

I bought all my items from Costco.  I got an assortment of bottled water, canned soda/ice-tea, chips, candy, cookies, granola bars, coffee/tea packets, aspirin, gum, tic-tacs and other assorted treats.  Then I packaged all my boxes with an array of items.


Then I went back to my handy-pal Photoshop and created the labels for the front of the boxes:

[click for large close up]


The top tag reads “to our guests” and is attached with ribbon.  The large labels say “Welcome.  Thank you for being here.  Please enjoy your stay! Sean and Melissa”

And before I closed up the boxes, I put in the Guests Day-of Schedule and invite for the Day-After brunch.