Sunday, May 15, 2005

So, I purchased a bunch of cameras online, but I didn’t want to just throw them on the table.  So, I had seen other brides do this “Camera Scavenger Hunt” where they attached a little note to each camera, with directions, or put a piece of paper on each table with instructions on completing the scavenger hunt.

Since I have so much on my tables already, I wanted to attach a short to-the-point message, on each camera.

I created these “tags” in Photoshop, to match my color scheme.  (sage/celedon and ivory) then printed about 8 to a page and then attached each one, to each camera, via ivory/sage ribbon.

Some of the items on the tags are duplicate, as there are only so many things people can take pictures of, but I made sure that for each table, there were two cameras that did not have the same tag, with the same items to shoot. (I marked the back of each tag with the table number)


[click to enlarge]

Listed Below are some of the “scavenger list” items to put on the tags…(some are duplicates)