Bridal Party
Maid of Honor:
MaryJane:  Sister of the Bride
Best Man:
Marc:  Brother of the Groom
Maid of Honor:
Melanie: Sister of the Bride
Best Man:
Adam:  Brother of the Groom
Saraann:  Friend of the Bride
Shayna:  Niece of the Bride
Matthew:  Brother of the Bride
Nicholas:  Godson of the Bride
Flower Girl:
Emma:  Goddaughter of the Groom
Grant:  Nephew of the Groom

Bell Ringers:

In Ireland, the ringing of bells is thought to keep evil spirits away, restore harmony if a couple is fighting, and also remind a couple of their wedding vows. The following neices and nephews will begin out ceremony by ringing bells...

Cassandra: Niece of the Groom
Brittney: Niece of the Groom
Matthew: Nephew of the Groom
Mikaela: Niece of the Bride
Olivia: Niece of the Bride
Marissa: Niece of the Bride
Molly: Niece of the Bride
Casey: Niece of the Bride


George: Brother of the Bride
Stephen: Brother of the Bride
Wendy: Friend of the Bride


Lisa: Sister of the Groom
Song: Stephen Bishop's It Might Be You