This is our story...

Sean and Melissa met in a bar (yes, a bar!) in October/November 1997. Neither of them know exactly when the day was (and they still argue over which month it was!), because well, they were young and foolish and didn't think this was going to last. They were also pretty drunk the night they met, and who remembers those sorta nights?

Their romance started off pretty quickly and by January 1998 they were spending all of their time together. By March 1998 they moved in together. Melissa had just started working for the construction company and Sean was doing spackle work.

Things were really good for awhile. Then the "newness" wore off and neither of them really knew what to do with themselves. And they never really had a chance to figure all that out, since they moved so quickly into living together

In August 1999, after a lot of difficult times, Melissa and Sean separated and Sean got his own apartment a few short blocks away. On October 31st 1999, Melissa moved back to her home town, into a small little basement apartment. During this first month, Melissa found Stormy, who she fell in love with right away. She brought him home and never let him go.


During their "break", Melissa and Sean still spoke to one another and occasionally hung out. They both cared deeply for the other, but they just didn't know how to put their pride aside and trust in each other

Then one day in June 2000, Melissa left her office and drove up to 7-11 for her morning coffee. It was much later than she normally went for coffee and she almost didn't go. Across the coffee counter, pouring himself a cup of coffee, was Sean. She wasn't sure if she should say hi or do anything at all, so she walked to the line to pay and a few seconds later, Sean tapped her on the shoulder. Melissa turned around and smiled. They kissed hello and while they paid for their coffee, they chatted a little. The walked outside together and stood under the awning of the building so they could stay out of the rain. Unsure of how to say goodbye, Melissa turned and said "call me later and let me know how things go today" and then ran to her vehicle, while Sean replied "okay" and then ran to his truck.

Later that evening, Melissa's phone rang. Sean called to let her know how things went and then asked if he could see her. It had almost been a year at this point that they had been apart and Melissa was unsure if she wanted to go down this path again, but her heart told her she had too. Even after a whole year, she still loved him the same. And he still loved her too.

They met the next day for an "official date". They grabbed a quick bite to eat before going to the movies to see "Me, Myself and Irene". On the drive back to Sean's apartment, he played a song by Bertie Higgins, called Key Largo...which ended up having great meaning to both of them.

Honey, can't you remember
We played all the parts
That sweet scene of surrender
When you gave me your heart
Please say you will
Play it again
'Cause I love you still
Baby, this can't be the end

When they arrived back at Sean's apartment, they had a long talk about their relationship and how unhappy they had both been since breaking up. So, they decided to make a fresh start, to take things slow and just date, like normal people do, without rushing to live together. And so, it began. The new start...

Sean courted Melissa for the next 2 years. They found their trust again and they rebuilt everything from the ground up. They learned and tried and laughed and cried and made themselves a rock solid foundation and wonderful friendship.

In May 2002, Sean and Melissa decided that they would give living together another chance. Sean packed up all his stuff and moved in with Melissa and Stormy. Taking what they knew from their first experiece living together and what they learned while dating and being separated, they found that they could make this work and that no matter what, they loved and trusted each other and that was all that mattered. They were finally on the same team, fighting for each other!

On December 31st 2003, Sean proposed to Melissa. And she said Yes!