Saturday, January 31, 2004

One month down!
ourcolors.jpg One month later. I can't believe we've been engaged for one month already. The time has just flown by. And before you know it, the planning will be in full swing. Right now though, we've only just started to get the basics.
  1. When: April/May 2005
  2. Where: NY somewhere (we have some ideas around the island and we'll have to start looking soon)
  3. Colors: Sage and either Champagne or that sweet Desert Clay. The Sage is definite!
  4. Who: Well obviously Sean and I, however, we've also made some bridal party decisions (more to follow, I'm sure)
    • Best Man: Marc (Sean's brother)
    • Matron's of Honor: MaryJane & Melanie (my sisters)
    • Junior Bridesmaid: Shayna (neice)
    And I believe our guest list will be pretty manageable. Small, intimate and classy. I can't wait!!
  5. Walking me down the aisle: My mom, of course!
  6. Mini-Engagement Party 'indefinitely' set for April/May 2004.
I think that about sums it all up. Nothing too much and nothing very exciting, but we'll get there. I've put up a new poll. And just to let everyone know, the answer the to previous poll: When did Sean and Melissa meet? 1997 2000 (2) 1999 (0) 1998 (4) 1997 (13) 1996 (3) Thirteen of you got it correct!! Congratulations. You now have a little piece of knowledge, that you probably didn't really need to begin with. smile
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Thursday, January 01, 2004

The Proposal
theringbaby.jpg I was in the process of setting up my home network, when Sean told me he needed to go out to his vehicle, to get a pack of cigarettes, which he had forgotten about. When he came back, he walked into the bedroom and handed me a large box of roses. Having no idea what they were for, I just sorta looked at him and said "roses? you got me roses?" and he said he thought it would be a nice surprise.... That he usually only got them for me for Valentine's day and my Birthday. So, I open the box and there lay, one dozen long stem yellow roses. Immediately, Sean tells me that I need to put them in a vase because they had been sitting out back for a couple of hours and he didn't want them to die. I search for a vase. Finally find one. We move into the kitchen to start pulling the roses out of the box. One by one I take them out, pull the plastic end piece off, cut the end with a scissor and place them into the vase. Finally, I get to the last rose and pick it up, and right underneath it was my ring. (he said later that he was dying because he thought the ring was going to be right on top and when I was getting to the last couple of roses, he couldn't see where it was and he thought he lost it!) I turn around and Sean's on one knee....saying something about being together for 6 years and knowing that there is no one else in this world he would want to spend the rest of his life with. He said: Will you marry me? And of course, I said: Yes. Sean took the ring from me, I put down the last rose and he placed the ring on my finger. {ps. click the yellow rose for a larger photo}
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