Our Rehearsal Dinner

Our rehearsal dinner was the night before the wedding. We knew where we wanted to have it from the very beginning, probably even before we got officially engaged. A little pub called Irish Times, which was located close to the hotel where everyone was staying. They have a nice sized dining room which is completely closed off from the pub/bar area. It's laid back and quite cozy. Just how we like it.


The rehearsal at the Beach Club Estate started around 6pm. Everyone in the bridal party was there and we did a very quick run through of the ceremony. Than headed over the Irish Times.

We ate, drank and had a wonderful night. We gave out our gifts to our bridal party and our parents. And than there was one more surprise and this time for the groom. A custom made Groom's Cake in the shape of an XBOX from his soon-to-be wife. He loved it! (if you didn't know we are both big gamers)


After dinner everyone went back to the hotel and hung out in the Bridal Suite for a bit. Sean and his family left around 11pm and headed back to his brother's house for the night. I stayed up for a little while longer with my family. After they left, Sara & I stayed up for a bit and reminisced about old times and the fact that I was going to be married in less than 24 hours.