We're gonna get married!

Sean popped the question on New Year's Eve (December 31, 2003) and it was the most perfect way to bring in the 2004 New Year.

For the first month or so, we really weren't sure what we were supposed to do. I am a planner, so I immediately started thinking about when would be the best time. We knew that 2004 was out of the question, since both of Sean's brothers would be marrying this year. So we started to discuss possible dates in 2005. Originally I had wanted a winter wedding, Sean had wanted a summer wedding. We went back and forth for awhile trying to agree and then we thought that we would go look at a few places and then see what they had open, possibly in the Spring or Fall.

The first place we looked at was The Beach Club Estate in Lake Ronkonkoma. I was instantly drawn to it in the Bridal Books because it was very quaint and laid back. It was also located on Lake Ronkonkoma, which was where Sean and I met. Whe we went to look at it, I knew that this was the place that I wanted to get married. It was perfect in everyway and I was sure that they would have something available for us.

After talking to them, there was not many Friday evenings that felt right. There were some in April but that was too cold, there were a few in November, but then we couldn't have an outdoor ceremony. I didn't want the hot day of summer like July and August. September was really popular and a lot more expensive. Then May 20th was half-way-sorta-kinda-maybe booked but not definitely. I wasn't sure. So I went out onto the grounds of The Beach Club and walked around. I kept thinking May 20th, May 20th. 05/20 - hmmm. 05.20.05, 05.20.05, 05.20.05 - and then all of a sudden it was right. That number was perfect and right and it felt like the day it should be. 05.20.05

By this time the gentleman I was talking to had already started to walk another bride and groom around. I yelled out to him, I'll take May 20th! And with that, he told the other couple the date was taken. 05.20.05 it was!

After we got that settled, things calmed down. We went through most of first half of 2004 doing no planning. I went to both of my sister-in-laws showers and then their weddings, which got both of us really exicted and inpatient about our day. It was fun to be in the guest position and see it all come together so beautifully. Both of those weddings were the only weddings we had been to together.

In September 2004 we had our engagement party at my sister's house on Long Island. The weather, of course, was terrible. All we had wanted to have was a nice backyard BBQ party, but instead we got tropical storm force winds and terrenchial rain, but we all made the most of it. Everyone had a lot of fun, and our families finally got the opportunity to meet.

Toward the end of 2004 we really kicked up the planning. In October we booked our Rehearsal Dinner. In November we purchased our rings. In December we ordered invitations and got our color theme figured out. We took a bit of a break around the holidays and then by the end of January we were making menu arrangements, deciding on flowers, tuxes, hotel reservations, and dresses for all the girls, and myself. I had already gotten a wedding dress, but after a few months I was not feeling it anymore. I actually started to hate it, so I decided that I would return it (for the full price thank you very much) and get something that I felt was more me, a bit softer and much better than the first.

Throughout all of our planning, Sean and I really managed to get along quite well. We heard all these horror stories about couples arguing and fighting things out, and we didn't. We compromised when we needed to and we held our ground about what was important to us. We knew that no matter what the food tasted like, or what music was played, or what flowers we chose, that our day would be perfect! The most important part was marrying each other, in front of our friends and family.

In April 2005, my sisters and mom put together my Bridal Shower which was so much fun! I couldn't believe that in just a month I was going to be someone's wife!